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Bathroom Countertops

From our family to yours. We take pride in
crafting the best countertops and stonework
for your home or business.

From our family to yours. We take pride in crafting the best countertops and stonework for your home or business.

Kitchen CountertopS Fabrication & Installation

Countertops can greatly impact the look of modernized bathrooms. These practical surfaces must be durable and strong while also looking good. Get stunning, long-lasting results from our proven kitchen remodeling process. Our skilled craftsmen and project leaders follow a streamlined process for efficient completion. Enjoy your new bathroom with peace of mind, knowing our experienced specialists handle all the details. Transform your bathroom into a personalized space with our expert remodeling services. From family breakfast to entertaining friends, you’ll love the customized features and improved looks. Choose us for the royal treatment your bathroom deserves. When renovating or building a bathroom, choose a material that is stain-resistant, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. Choosing the right bathroom countertop can be difficult, but considering the top materials before making a costly purchase can help. We offer quartz, marble, and granite choices for your bathroom countertops.

We Offer Countertops SLABS for bathroom of all sizes

Countertop slabs are a great option for your bathroom. These durable and beautiful surfaces add an eye-catching touch to any modern space and offer a range of benefits for the premium floor including:

Increasing home value: Prospective buyers often prefer granite or quartz countertops for their value and durability. Countertop slabs add monetary value to your bathroom enhancing its appeal.

Durability: Slabs are tough and resistant to scratches, chips, and stains. They withstand heat and have a long lifespan.

Eco-friendly: Countertop slabs are made of environmentally friendly materials, preserving the natural look of your space while increasing its shine.

Bacteria-resistant: These slabs are also germ-resistant, keeping your space clean and hygienic.

Easy to repair: In the event of any damage, countertop slabs are easy to fix and retain their resistance to stains and damage.

 Wide range of colours: Countertop slabs come in a variety of exotic shades, adding a vivid look to your space.
Canadian Countertops Bathroom
Perfectly flat: The sleek and level surface of these slabs is well-suited for tasks in the bathroom, such as placing toiletries or organizing grooming essentials.

Family-friendly: Countertop slabs are resistant to scratches and heat, making them a safe and practical choice for families.

Sustainable: Made from sustainable materials, these slabs are an eco-friendly choice for your home.

Custom bathroom countertops come in a variety of materials like granite, marble, and quartz, offering a unique look. These materials are available in various colors and patterns to match your bathroom’s style. They can be tailored to fit your space precisely, including features like integrated sinks, grooming supply areas, and water drainage systems, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Contact us for a free countertop assessment.

How iT wORKs

Experience our seamless 5-step process. Our expert technicians and project managers will guide you through each detail of the project.

Consultation: Spend some free time to visit our shop or simply give us a call. We will answer all your questions and schedule a meeting to discuss your project.

Estimation & Order: When visiting us please take with you as much information about your project as you can: drawings, sketches, cabinet and tile samples. If you want a quick quote right now use our online free quote tool and receive the reply within 24.
Choose Edge & Material: Pick up the countertop edge profile that you like. It is easier to choose using our 3D edges app to match edge shapes and different stone colours. You can browse all-natural and engineered stones we have in stock by launching our interactive inventory tool.

Final Measurements: Together, we can select a convenient day to visit your home for precise measurements. This will enable us to create a customized countertop for you at our manufacturing facilities in Vancouver and Winnipeg. The measurement process is a critical part of the service as we the countertops are custom-made for your Vancouver or Winnipeg home.

Fabrication & Installation: Once your countertops are ready to be installed, we arrange a time and day for the installation. The process can be done in one day, this will minimize the amount of disruption. Most of our clients are cooking dinner that night in their newly renovated Vancouver and Winnipeg kitchens.

Excellent handiwork! Delivered on
time and fantastic service and price."

— Kevin Chiang

Excellent handiwork! Delivered on
time and fantastic service and price."

━ Kevin Chiang


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