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Interactive inventory, try before you buy, for your custom bathroom and kitchens

Use our interactive inventory to get started planning your custom job right now. We also specialize in fireplace surrounds, tub decks, shower walls, slab floors, and outdoor kitchens. Many homebuilders, renovators, designers, and developers in and around the Vancouver & Winnipeg area rely on Canadian Countertops to install and supply them with fireplace surrounds, tub decks, shower walls, slab floors & outdoor kitchens – contact us today to discuss your next project, it’s free.

Canadian Countertops has the experience, skill, ability, and reputation to handle all of the unique needs of our clients, including single-family residential developments, multi-unit developments, restaurants, entertainment venues, and hotels. Call us (604) 516-6693 to discuss your project, small or big.

It is not just about improving the aesthetics of your space when you upgrade your countertops. Most renovations require custom countertops because every kitchen or bathroom is unique in size and shape. At Canadian Countertops, we offer complimentary design and measurement services to ensure that your countertop matches perfectly. If you have any questions about your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out. Additionally, we have extensive experience in the hospitality industry and work directly with clients, contractors, and institutes.

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